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  Simple Report Format (SRF) 1.0 DTD

  Namespace =

  For further information, see:

  This DTD module is identified by the PUBLIC and SYSTEM identifiers:

  (do not use: PUBLIC "-//??//DTD SRF 1.0//EN")

    v0.1 2002/02/20 - first version

  TO DO:
    - solve problem with HREF in DFN-Tag (not valid XHTML)

    - bml.dtd for the bibliography part of srf
    - for an example, see end of file!

    - Holger (David) Wagner

    - Using a DTD has been chosen because this relies on XHTML, for which
      only a DTD.
      When Modularization of XHTML(TM) in XML Schema
      <> has become a recommendation,
      we may consider transforming this into a XML schema using namespaces.

<!-- include XHTML Strict for the section formatting -->
   "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"

<!ENTITY % BML SYSTEM "bml.dtd">

  Some XHTML-tags are handled in a special way:
  - <dfn id="IDForReferences" title="plain term">plain</dfn> something term
    The title-attribute of the <dfn>-Tag can be used to offer the plain
    term, e.g. if the sentence requires mixing them term with other words.
    This is used in term indices, if given.
    The <dfn>-Tag may also have href-Attribute, that is used to link the
    term with a definition at some other URL.
  - <cite>[Name]</cite> automatically creates a link to the bibliography,
    with the ID Name (e.g. <a href="#Name"><cite>[Name]</cite></a>).
    In some cases, the citation may include more text - use the title-attribute
    for those cases,
    e.g.: <cite title="GTRC">GVU's tenth user survey [GTRC]<cite>
  - cross references can be created by using
    <a href="SectionID" class="crossRef" />. Note that no # is prefixed to the
    section ID. The default text for the URL is "section n.m.o", that can
    be changed in the XSL stylesheet, though
  - tables MUST have an ID and caption and should have a summary, this is
    used for the table index
  - blockquotes must have the following format:
    <blockquote cite="NAME">
      <p>Quoted text.</p>
    a link to the bibliography entry NAME is automatically appended after the
    quotation. Same with <q cite="NAME">Quoted text.</q>
    Unfortunately, there is a difference between browsers in interpretation
    of q and blockqoute: while Opera adds quotation marks, IE and Netscape
    do not. The XSL stylesheet adds them so that Opera has a slightly erronous
    display (even though it is the only one that displays according to the
<!ENTITY % XHTML "(p|div|table|ul|ol|dl|pre|blockquote)*">

  The root element: article.
  The bml:entry-Element is for meta-information on the current article,
  including author(s), title, keywords etc.
  An external bibliography may be referenced before the body, if the
  bibliography shall be included in the document, it can be put after the
  body, which is more natural and practical
<!ELEMENT srf:article (bml:entry?, srf:bibliography?, srf:body, srf:bibliography?)>
  The bibliography: bibliography.
  Can be included in the document, or be an external document at the URL
  given in the src attribute. Please make sure that document can be found
  and it is valid XML or the XSL-stylesheet may not transform well!
<!ELEMENT srf:bibliography (bml:entry)*>
<!ATTLIST srf:bibliography type (external | internal) "external"
                             src CDATA #IMPLIED>
  The body consists of at least one section, and optional appendices.
<!ELEMENT srf:body (srf:section+, srf:appendix*)>

  Each section must have an ID and title, the former for references (e.g.
  in the table of contents), the latter for the human reader. The same
  goes for sub- and subsubsections. The contents of sections are formatted
  with XHTML.
<!ENTITY % sectionAttrs
  "id      ID             #REQUIRED
   title   CDATA          #REQUIRED"

<!ELEMENT srf:section  (%XHTML;, srf:subsection*)>
<!ATTLIST srf:section  %sectionAttrs;>

<!ELEMENT srf:subsection  (%XHTML;, srf:subsubsection*)>
<!ATTLIST srf:subsection  %sectionAttrs;>

<!ELEMENT srf:subsubsection  %XHTML;>
<!ATTLIST srf:subsubsection  %sectionAttrs;>

  <bml:entry id="wagner02tracking" name="Wagner2002">
        <bml:author first="Holger" middle="T." last="Wagner"
                      homepage="" />
      <bml:title>Tracking the Navigation Behavior of Web Communities</bml:title>
      <bml:abstract>To be written when work is complete!</bml:abstract>
        <bml:keyword>Web usage</bml:keyword>
        <bml:keyword>navigation behavior</bml:keyword>
  <srf:bibliography type="external" src="bibliography.xml" />
    <srf:section id="Intro" title="Introduction">
        As can be seen in <a href="RWUsageMining" class="crossRef" />, blah
          Please see <cite>[CoolAuthor]</cite> for further information.
      <srf:subsection id="RWUsageMining" title="Web Usage Mining">

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