teamXweb: Statistics

This page provides links to a set of statistics that were made during the fieldtest of TeamWeb.

Evolving statistics

These are just a few examples of how the statistics evolved, and a few "preselected" states to compare with. You can also view the current statistics ( with all visited pages)!

2001-12-09: Simple statistics of an empty system
2001-12-09: Simple statistics of a basic system (with a few default users and communities)
2001-12-09: Statistics of a running system @ 2001-09-12, locally

Evolving Fieldtest

These are more or less daily statistics that show how TeamWeb evolved...

2001-12-09: First day with stats
2001-12-10: Second day with stats
2001-12-11: Third day with stats
2001-12-13: Before reloading / After reloading (note how the memory usage increased)
2001-12-21: 12th day with stats... / Later... (this is after storing and restoring via XML - see how the memory usage has decreased significantly! More information on downgrade to JDK 1.3.1 and data storage via XML)
2001-12-23: 14th day with stats (visitors are now allowed)
2002-01-03: 26th day with stats (fixed a bug that caused the date before the last date to be shown at Last Visit)
2002-01-10: 33rd day with stats (this was after the presentation in the "Oberseminar")
2002-01-13: 36th day with stats
2002-01-17: 40th day with stats
2002-01-18: 41st day with stats
2002-01-21: 43rd day with stats
2002-01-22: 44th day with stats
2002-01-23: 45th day with stats (today, ALPHA 3 has been released)
2002-01-25: 47th day with stats
2002-01-28: 50th day with stats
2002-02-04: 57th day with stats
2002-05-03: Stats before teamXweb was introduced to Ethnologie@Internet
2002-05-08: Directly after sending out the first eMail for the new fieldtest

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